Doctors and Patients Review the Book

"Well-written and full of practical advice, this is a complete source of patient information. Patients will find it invaluable in preparing for their scoliosis surgery." — Kurt W. Von Rueden, M.D.

"This book should be required reading for patients, particularly adults, who are contemplating scoliosis surgery. It also contains useful insights for physicians treating patients with scoliosis."— Michael O. LaGrone, M.D.

"A great resource, both for patients considering scoliosis surgery and their families. Refreshingly informative, objective, and current."— Kevin C. Booth, M.D.

"Surgeons have more patients and less time than ever before. As a result, it's become difficult for patients considering scoliosis surgery to get all the answers they need. This book solves that problem. It addresses, in plain English, all the questions patients typically have and helps them understand what to expect before, during, and after the surgery."— Linda Racine, Chapter President, Scoliosis Association of San Francisco

"If you are contemplating spinal fusion this is a absolute must have. It contains information that your doctor probably won't take the time to tell you, but even if she/he did, wouldn't you rather hear it from someone that actually experienced it? Of course! Mr. Wolpert's candid description of his experience was of inestimable help in understanding the full implications of spinal fusion surgery and weeks and months of the subsequent recovery process. I would have been flying blind without this book which would have made the whole experience more anxiety-filled than it was. I also recommend asking your surgeon to give you a couple of names of previous patients to talk to about their experiences. I am 57 days post-surgery and am doing well in large part due to Mr. Wolpert's book."— Rebecca Duncan, Scoliosis Patient

"I found this informative book when searching for information that would help me understand what I might have to go through. It allowed me to prepare for my doctor's visit and to ask the right questions regarding surgery. I recommend the book to anyone who is either contemplating surgery or preparing for it. I suggest that the family and friends close to the person with scoliosis read it, as well."— Robin Slanie, Scoliosis Patient

"This is an excellent book--concise, straightforward, and well-written. It answered my questions about scoliosis surgery and I gained new insights."— Shelley Heretyk, Family Member of a Scoliosis Patient

"There are a lot of things in this book that I didn't know or hadn't thought about before. Now I feel that I am more prepared for the journey I face."— Patricia Keplinger, Scoliosis Patient

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